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Automotive packaging solutions made of textiles

Continual innovation and process optimisation are indispensable in the automotive industry. Textile structures as a tailor-made system for load carriers are the perfect solution. Individual parts can be stored easily and safely in the pockets. The cover is easy to take out, can be compressed in a single movement, and can be stored using minimal space.


For SLC, for LLC/FLC, for steel systems, for tube systems.

All industry sectors

Increased economic efficiency and easier loading and unloading of trolleys within warehouses. The flexibility of the textiles increases stability and reduces the risk of damage to the goods being transported.


  • Protection during transport
  • Lower failure rates and shorter cycle times
  • No waste
  • Universal design
  • Packing density
  • Volume reduction

for SLC, for LLC/FLC, for steel systems, for tube systems.